It is important to note that the presence of musculoskeletal pain or persistence of muscle and joint
tightness indicates a problem needs to be solved by a health professional.  We strictly advise that
the Rowergo Brace is no substitution for professional health care.
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It is difficult to sit well, with good posture, when the legs are straight on a rowing machine.

Poor posture causes loss of power and efficiency. This leads to excessive strain
on the lower back with an increase in the risk of injury and pain.



Using BRace on a rowing machine prevents the legs from fully straightening
which immediately improves posture by maintaining the natural curves in the

Good posture sets up a more powerful body position which translates to an
increase in speed and a powerful leg drive, leading to an improvement in ergo times.

Maintaining good posture using BRace reduces the risk of back injury.

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Rowergo BRace on C2 rowing ergo  
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