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Brace rowing ergo accessory  


Fitting the BRace

1.  Loosen the four cam levers and slide the black blocks outwards.

2.  Fit the BRace from the underside of your ergo rail, making sure that the arrow points towards the flywheel.

3.  Push the black blocks towards the rail, ensuring that they overlap the rail flange.

4.  Turn the cam levers to engage the grooves. Lock downwards once positioned.

Adjusting the BRace

1.  Position yourself on the ergo with your feet strapped into the foot stretchers.

2.  Unlock the cam levers on the BRace.

3.  Slide the BRace into position under your calves.  It should be comfortable when
      your legs are pushing down onto the BRace and should allow maintenance of a
      small knee bend.  Try a few strokes to ensure comfort is maintained – if not
      re-adjust the position of the BRace to ensure maximal comfort while ensuring       your knees can’t straighten fully.

4.  Close down the cam levers to secure the BRace in this position.


Wipe over BRace with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

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