Wintech Racing 2010 National Rowing Conference

AIS Canbera 3-5 December 2010

The theme this year is “EDUCATION: The key to future success"

The program for the 2010 Conference is aimed at educating the three main groups within the rowing community: athletes, coaches and officials. Sessions will interest and benefit all target groups, with some sessions targeted specifically at each group



Rowergo International


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"This device is brilliant.! It sets me up for a good posture for the entire stroke, encourages more power-efficient muscle use and reduces the
strain on my lower back. I recently used an erg in a hotel gymnasium which was not fitted with the device...after you have used the BRace you
never want to use an erg without it, the difference is phenomenal. Not only did I feel the pull on my lower back, I could actually sense that I was
using some of those supplementary muscles that cause early fatigue and poor technique.
For improved technique, an efficient and powerful stroke, with a reduced load on the lower back, there is no other way to go. I no longer sit on
an erg without it. Simple."
Elaine Vucak (Masters Rower, Toowong Rowing Club)

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