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Studies have shown over 30% of rowers will experience back pain during their rowing career. 

Rowing ergometers have been consistently associated with back pain and injuries due to poor technique and training load.

The good news – back injury risk can be reduced!

The better news – the same techniques that prevent pain can enhance rowing performance.


1. Your ergo needs to be fitted with Rowergo BRace.  This provides you with the support     required to adopt the right position.

2. Comfortably adopt good posture (as shown) at the finish position and maintain this control all     the way to the catch.

    Continue to maintain this control throughout the ‘Drive’.  Basically, once you have good     position maintain this for the whole time you are rowing. 

    This is now possible, as each time you get to the finish BRace provides support to maintain     the good posture.

3.  Faster 'legs down' is possible with BRace - without it you waste energy trying to protect the     knees from hyperextension.

Brace yourself to feel the difference.  The support is so good that once you row with BRace
you will never want to ergo without it again!


BRace reduces back injury
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